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RideNow ROAD SUPERLIGHT TPU Inner Tube (700 x 18-32C) Black Valve - 24g

RideNow ROAD SUPERLIGHT TPU Inner Tube (700 x 18-32C) Black Valve - 24g

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Valve Length

RideNow LIGHT TPU Inner Tube (700 x 18-32C) 36g

Valve Colour: Black

Valve Lengths Available

  • 45mm
  • 65mm
  • 85mm

As one of the earliest companies in the world to produce inner tubes using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) as a material, RideNow is convinced that the advantages of TPU inner tubes are simply too great. Its superior performance in various aspects will eventually make it replace the traditional butyl rubber inner tube and become the most mainstream inner tube product in the bicycle market.

RideNow Materials

  • 180000 molecular weight high-performance TPU particles from Germany

Rigorous research and development design

  • To ensure that the small inner tube can unleash great energy during cycling, RideNow has made a lot of efforts and attempts from material formulation to production technology, and ultimately obtained the Race Formula inner tube you see.

High quality air valve

  • RideNow uses special reinforcing materials to make TPU inner tube valves, which are structurally stable, sturdy, and durable. We will provide a warranty for all quality issues related to valve damage.

Unimaginable lightness

  • Taking the road bike inner tube as an example, Race Formula offers three versions: 36g, 24g, and 19g. The lightest 19g version is even lighter than the self-replenishing fluid injected into vacuum tires.

Rich product models

  • Race Formula, as the world’s most popular TPU inner tube series, offers up to 40 different types of products. The rich product covers almost all types of inner tubes used in bike wheels.
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